The Power of Now

Echkart Tolle

The Power of Now needs a certain level of spiritual preparedness. Something I didn’t have and still don’t have. I can see the value of the messages Eckhart purports but it’s hard to internalize them fully. I had such a hard time internalizing these ideas I’m not sure how much I can say off the top of my head other than embracing the Now. Compulsive thought of past or future does no good. Peace and happiness lie in the now. Eckhart proposes that psychological time is an illusion. Nothing happens in the past or future, everything happens in the now. The past can be remembered and the future can be imagined but things only ever happen right now.

I don’t know if I wrote about this before in a book review or as a journal entry but I’m finding a lot of what I’m reading a learning ties in well together. There’s seems to be a thread to my life. Ayahuasca taught me presence. The Power of Mindful Learning taught ideas of mindfulness just like the Eight Steps to Happiness. It seems that presence is some sort of spiritual secret waiting to be uncovered. Presence is some higher level of consciousness that’s waiting to be discovered and liberate all of us from the shackles modern society places on us. I don’t know, were humans more present in the past? I suspect that since homo sapiens have been around we’ve been burdened by psychological time – cringing at our past and worrying about our future.

Many of us have probably experienced presence without being aware of it. In fact, many of us seek it out without knowing that we do so. Presence explains why people do dangerous things like mountaineering or racing or skydiving. Momentary lack of awareness could mean death. Activities like these force us into presence. I identify with that idea. The times I’ve skydived were addictive because of how engaging it is. Riding hard on my motorcycle is the same. There is no time to think about how I said that stupid thing some time ago or worry work.

Embracing the Now means all of your problems disappear. Problems are a form of resistance to what is. By embracing the now you can embrace what is and take action to make life better and find peace in what you cannot change. Another interesting aspect of embracing the Now is guilt of what you “should” be doing. If you’re fully present you either get up and do that thing or fully embrace your laziness and either way whatever inner conflict existed will cease to be.

This secret of presence has been taught for millennia but somehow it still eludes almost everyone. Those who have found it speak so highly of it. I think presence and being is worth looking for. I wonder when I’ll find it.

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